Online Video Poker

Video PokerThe fast paced game of video poker is just as popular online as it is in land-based casinos. The game is a digital version of five card stud where the aim is to get the best possible poker hand. There are a large number of game variations and you can also play in single or multi-hand formats. We list the best online casinos for video poker players as well as give you some insight into the game.

Please Note : Bonus offers are for new players only. Terms and conditions apply and you must be 18+ to play

Top Casinos for Video Poker

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  • Full range of Microgaming video poker
  • 17 variations in 1, 4, 10, 50 and 100 hands
  • Sign-up bonus (18+ Only / T&C's Apply)
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  • Full suite of Playtech video poker games
  • 8 variations in single and multi-hand
  • Sign-up bonus (18+ Only / T&C's Apply)
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  • Full range of Microgaming video poker
  • 17 variations in 1, 4, 10, 50 and 100 hands
  • Sign-up bonus (18+ Only / T&C's Apply)

Video Poker Guide

Video Poker is a great game to play online as it is exactly the same as the games you would find in any land-based casino. The fast paced action and big jackpots make it very popular. You will also find that many of the machines have a very low house edge. For example the All Aces game at Microgaming casinos has an RTP of 99.98% and the Two Ways Royal game from Playtech has an RTP of 99.80%.

How to play Video Poker

To start a game you choose your coin size and then press bet max. You are then dealt five cards. Now you have to choose which cards to hole and which cards to discard. Once you have done this hit deal and you will get new cards for any cards you did not hold. At this point winnings are paid and the game starts again.

Playing Tip

The biggest tip we can give you is to always play five coins per hand. This is known as the maximum bet and gives you the chance at winning all of the best prizes. If you play less than 5 coins you are giving the casino a bigger edge as the wins are proportionally much smaller.

Poker Hand Rankings

You will need to be familiar with poker hand rankings before you play otherwise you might miss winning chances. Below are descriptions of the various poker hands ranked from high to low.

  • Royal Flush :  An ace high straight flush (10, J, Q K and A of the same suit)
  • Straight Flush : Any hand consisting of five consecutive cards all of the same suit
  • Four of a Kind : Any hand with four cards of the same value
  • Full House : A hand consisting of a pair and a three of a kind
  • Flush : Five cards of the same suit (Non consecutive cards)
  • Straight : Five consecutive cards of mixed suits
  • Three of a Kind : Three cards of the same value and two other non matched cards
  • Two Pair : A hand consisting of two pairs of matched cards
  • Pair : A hand with two cards of the same value and three unmatched cards

Game Payouts & Variations

The payouts for the different winning hands vary from game to game. One thing that remains constant in 99% of cases is a 4,000 coin payout for the royal flush when you're playing 5 coins. Typically on most non wild card games the lowest winning hand is a pair of jacks or better, hence the name of one of the most popular video games. Some of the more popular variations include,

  • Jacks or Better :  The original video poker variation
  • Deuces Wild : All 2's are wild and there is a big payoff for the four of a kind in 2's
  • Double Double Bonus : Offers big payoffs for four of a kind hand with a kicker
  • Aces & Faces : Features increased payouts for four of a kind of Jacks through Aces

New to Playing?

If you're new to video poker then we suggest starting with Jacks or Better as this is the most popular game variation. If you want to learn to play without risking any money then join any of the casinos above and open a guest account - this way you can learn to play video poker for free.