Online Roulette

RouletteRoulette is one of the most popular casino table games in the UK and is found at all online casinos. In this section we list the best online casinos for roulette players based on game selection and table limits. We also have a guide to the game with information on the various bet types, the pay outs for each bet and even a tip that will almost halve the house edge whenever you play.

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Roulette Information

The history of roulette goes back to the 18th century when the first variations of the game started to appear. Today the game is found at all traditional casinos as well as virtually every online casino. Roulette is quite a simple game to learn how to play as there is really no strategy involved. You simply place chips on the table and wait for the ball to land in a segment on the wheel. You are then paid any winning bets and the next round starts.

Quick Playing Tip

The first thing that you should always look for when playing roulette online is single zero European tables. These offer much better odds than tables with double zero and there is no reason to give the casino a higher edge than the one they already have. The house edge on a single zero table is 2.7% while this jumps to 5.26% on a double zero table.

Roulette Betting Options

Roulette offers you the choice of a large range of bet types with varying pay off's. As with most casino games the higher the pay off the lower the chance you have of winning. Below are the most commonly used bet types and the pay outs for each bet type rated from high to low.

  • Straight Bet (35 to 1) - A bet on just one of the numbers
  • Split (17 to 1) - A bet placed between two numbers
  • Street Bet (11 to 1) - Covers three numbers in a row
  • Corner Bet (8 to 1) - One chip in the middle of four numbers
  • Line Bet (5 to 1) - Covers six numbers in two rows
  • Column Bet (2 to 1) - Covers all 12 numbers in a column
  • Dozen Bet (2 to 1) - Covers 1 to 12, 13 to 24 or 25 to 36
  • Red/Black, Even/Odd, Low/High (2 to 1) - Covers 12 numbers

Roulette Systems

While there are many roulette systems for sale on the Internet, none of them work. There is no system that you can use to consistently beat the roulette table. For example some systems work on a positive progression theory where you keep doubling your bet until you win. While it may seem impossible that 20 blacks come up in a row it can and does happen so if you are betting on red and doubling up you will eventually run into the table limit.

Jackpot Roulette

If you like roulette but also like the idea of winning over 100,000 without betting big then check out the progressive Roulette Royale game found at Betway Casino. The game has a £1 side bet and if the same number comes up five times in a row you win the jackpot. So far the highest jackpot ever won was just over £400,000.